Survey – Children and Youth in the Child Welfare System

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is developing a resource guide to help caregivers and staff in the child welfare system meet the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, 2-spirited and queer (LGBT2SQ) children and youth. The guide responds to recommendations of the Youth Leaving Care Working Group’s report, “Blueprint for Fundamental Change to Ontario’s Child Welfare System”. You can find the Blueprint at:

The ministry is working with an advisory committee of youth, and representatives from CASs, residential care providers and foster parents in this work. FPSO  is a member of the advisory committee.

To help inform the guide, the ministry is conducting a series of surveys to determine what information would be useful for staff, foster parents, kin and formal customary caregivers.

The cut-off date for completion of the surveys is October 20, 2014. Please complete the questionnaire by October 20, 2014, using the following links:


Youth Survey English:

Youth Survey French:


Foster Parent , Kin And Formal Customary Care Provider Survey English:

Foster Parent , Kin And Formal Customary Care Provider Survey French: