Everyone has heard of ‘Grandmothers in Africa’ however did you know according to Stats Canada, 70,000 grandparents are raising grandchildren, with no bio parent in the home, and with next to nil for government support? There are 20,000 kinship children in Ontario.

CANGRANDS is a national internet support group for kinship caregivers families raising ‘other people’s children’. “Kinship care” is defined as the placement of a child in the home of the child’s relative or in the home of another adult with whom the child or the child’s parent already has a close emotional attachment. 58% of Kinship caregivers families consist of a single grandmother, raising one or two special needs grandchildren. Many of the kinship children show signs of: FASD, ADHD and RAD, and have a variety ofspecial needs from the neglect and abuses they endured before coming to their kinship caregivers families.

Now you can help CANGRANDS send a kinship family to our 12th annual conference and camp as we get a ;REBATE of $” from receipts which will help sponsor our annual kinship camp.

All you have to do to help is save your orginal receipts from:Canadian Tire, including gas bars, Shoppers drug mart, including prescriptions Future Shop and Petro Canada. We can accept receipts as far back as May 2011. Please mail them monthly or every two months to: Carolyn Ellis, 1880 Gore Line Road,
Westmeath, On K0J 2L0 or call CANGRANDS founder Betty Cornelius
613-474-0035 for a pick up.

2580 Hartsmere Road, McArthurs Mills On K0L2M0